We can repair your Air Conditioning hose or make you a new one for the lowest price in the Tampa Bay Area! Call us for a quote today or click the "Get a Quote" button below!

Air Conditioning hoses are designed to control liquid and gas at high pressures and temperatures. The hoses are usually flexible and crimped with special metal fittings at the ends that provide a sure seal and prevent leakage between components. If you see blisters or bumps on the hoses, you have a leak. You must replace the whole line because today we use hoses that have a liner.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions: Hoses and valves should be inspected periodically for condition and to make sure all connections are secure. Chafed, cut or damaged hoses should be replaced. Insufficient heat, or heat that can't be turned off may indicate a problem with the heater control valve. When in doubt, have your car's HVAC system evaluated by a qualified professional.

Brian's On-Site Recycling Hose Repair Pricing:

(All prices are per hose and DO NOT include shipping and handling)

A/C Hoses
Power Steering
Custom Applications
$45 for the 1st foot $50 for the 1st foot Please call for a quote
$5 for each additional foot $5 for each additional foot   OR you can click on the "Get a quote" button.

NOTE: There is a 48 hour turn around time once hose is received.


Check out the process!!

Here are all the old lines and fittings we started with. Even if yours are bent and mangled, don’t throw them away! Brian’s On-site can salvage them. Notice that the crimp fittings that attach the rubber hose to the hard lines are part of the actual hard line itself.


First we cut the old crimp fittings and rubber hose off right at the end of the hard line. Here, Brian is shown separating the pieces. After the fittings are cut off the hard line, the hard line’s ends are de-burred.








New A/C hose fittings are readily available, but they can’t attach hard tubes directly to rubber hose. They need a pre-installed male end on the hard line. But we just cut the ends off the hard line, right? Brian’s On-site starts with new A/C fittings. Then puts them into a lathe and machines them down until they are just like the ends that were removed.






The machined fittings are then placed on the old hard lines and welded together.









These restored/recreated fittings are buffed are ready to have the new hoses crimped onto their ends.









All the components of the system with hose fittings on them go through the same procedure of having new ends welded on.









Everything is buffed and cleaned, then prepped for paint.









Not all hose crimps are the same. All Manufacturers use different styles of crimps to attach the hard lines and fittings to the rubber hoses on their Air Conditioning system. Brian’s On-site has the dyes to put the correct crimps on the hose fittings. Here, Brian is using their crimping machine to install the fittings on the ends of the rubber hoses.

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